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    Spray desinfectante mercadona alcohol

    Alcohol spray

    If we are going to have to live with the masks for a while it is essential to find a system with which they can be disinfected. Wearing a mask for 8 hours and throwing it away should not be the best option. Mercadona has launched a product that can be a good ally for disinfecting masks and gloves. It is a 70% perfumed alcohol spray.

    Mercadona’s alcohol spray is a big hit, with sales of 50,000 units a day, proving that the product is meeting a long-awaited demand. The product is the result of a collaboration between specialist aerosol supplier Francisco Aragón and Mercadona’s innovation team. Available for the past month, the 70% alcohol spray is a simple way to disinfect fabrics and surfaces quickly and conveniently.

    Disinfecting reusable masks is a complicated task; some people put them in the oven at 60º for an hour, others steam them for 30 minutes. Cloth masks have to be washed at temperatures above 60º, but wouldn’t it be great to spray them with an alcohol solution and let them dry for a few seconds?

    Spray alcohol mercadona

    The launching strategy for this disinfectant, the Valencian supermarket chain has used the same system it usually uses: putting it on sale in some supermarkets in some autonomous communities or provinces, testing its success among customers and then assessing its launching on a national scale.

    On the other hand, Mercadona vitamins and Deliplus face masks, which have recently been put on sale, are the most popular products. Also in the food sector, sales of items that usually sold very moderately have shot up: Mercadona’s piadinas and some spices.

    Isopropyl alcohol

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    70 of alcohol mercadona

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