Sáb. Nov 27th, 2021
    Plou poc pero pel poc que plou plou prou


    In half the scheduled time we arrive at our first anchorage at Bramthon Island. In a rain-free moment we go with the chinchorro to the beach, crossing the road with two snorting Dudongs. On land we find kangaroos hopping on the abandoned airstrip of the deserted resort – that’s the program we like!  More stops follow on the better known Witsunday islands. In a break from the rain – per al poc que plou plou prou – Imma collects her first shells of the season on the beach. Imma’s first week on board finally ends the Asturian way: Mondays in the sun! [2]

    Plou poc, pero pel poc que plou, plou prou

    And then, how will the government be left? There are even those who have suggested repeating the elections, but we do not see it as coherent. Some time ago, what prevailed throughout the State were social, economic and labor policies… in other words, policies for the citizenry. But things have been going so, but so badly, that the nationalists have known how to play their trump cards and now what prevails is nationalism yes, or nationalism no, regardless of whether those who think of prioritizing the policies of the collective with those who defend the Catalan bourgeoisie sit down to govern. And that will be difficult to reverse for now.

    A left-wing bloc against the right is complicated, and a minority government of ERC and ECP, could allow to bring out the nationalist side by agreeing with some, and the social side by agreeing with others, but it also seems improbable.

    Plou poc, però per al poc que plou, plou prou #vulldescobrir

    Atacama is said to be the driest desert in the world. It rains so little that, when it does rain more noticeably, its (microscopic) inhabitants are devastated. But the curious thing about this desert, with such a record, is that it also suffers a wonderful cyclical phenomenon whereby it fills with flowers.

    These rains, which cannot be said to be frequent if it is not in this context, are «usually» produced by the effect of the Pacific Ocean (warm air). It is called «altiplanic winter» and occurs between January and February, producing thunderstorms and rains. Something that may remind us of what we saw with the Catatumbo lightning, but in that case the warm air mass is carried by the Caribbean Sea.

    Lluvia – plou poc, però pa lo poc que plou, plou prou.

    Si me preguntas diré que soy de extremos.Que el blanco y el negro me quedan cortos.Que entre ahora o nuncaprefiero ya o jamás.Pero a ti te odio y te quieroa partes iguales.Como ese segundo perdidoentre que el semáforo cambia a verdey cruzas la carretera.-Fernando de la Calle Medrano-

    blackpoemusic: «El estudio no se puede calcular por el número de páginas leídas en una noche o por la cantidad de libros leídos en el transcurso de un semestre.  El estudio no es un acto de consumo de ideas, sino de creación y recreación de las mismas «Por Paulo Freire(vía hachedesilencioantiguo)

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