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    Netflix el corte ingles

    Online gift card

    When you buy a gift card they give you an activation code or PIN that allows us to redeem for a subscription on the Netflix website. In addition Netflix has a 1 month free promotion for new users, so if you are new you will also get a free month of series and movies. Remember that Netflix gift cards will not ask you for money or bank details, that process will come when it’s time to renew once the money on your card is used up.

    If you are already a Netflix user you can also enjoy the gift cards, since they are like prepaid cards. Log in to your account and enter the card activation code or PIN. At the end of the process the balance will be updated. Remember that you will not be asked for bank or credit card information.

    Zara gift card spain

    This week El Corte Inglés warned on its social networks about a new scam consisting of some messages via Whatsapp indicating that they are giving away gift cards of 500 euros each to celebrate its 80th anniversary. This message is false. It is a bait to obtain the personal and bank details of the customers of these department stores.

    In addition, they also take advantage of the chain effect that users create by sharing the scam among their Whatsapp contacts. In this way they easily get the data of thousands of internet users.

    It is usually easy to identify this type of scam. If you look at the links that lead to these forms you will notice that the link is a random combination of numbers and the web address has nothing to do with the address of the official source.

    But prevention is better than cure and for this it is better never to open this type of messages and if we open them out of curiosity, the most important thing is never to give personal information. In these cases the first thing to think about is that normally big companies do not give anything for free and if they do they do not warn you and send you a message. Keeping this in mind will save you a lot of trouble.

    El corte inglés shipping united kingdom

    Following the agreement signed with the MásMóvil Group, El Corte Inglés officially launched its mobile operator Sweno last summer. The initial portfolio included several mobile, fiber and fiber+mobile tariffs that showed many similarities with those of Yoigo, but at a slightly higher price.

    Sweno’s initial offer of fiber and mobile tariffs, which had three alternatives (S, M and XL), has now been joined by two new plans. On the one hand, the S40 tariff with 300 Mbps of fiber and a mobile line with unlimited calls and 40 GB; and on the other, the M Infinito tariff with 600 Mbps of fiber and a mobile line with unlimited calls and data.

    El corte inglés store locator

    El Corte Inglés continues to take giant steps in its transformation strategy with its sights set on 2026. Proof of this is the double operation with Mutua, which enters its shareholding with 8% for 555 million euros and buys 50.01% of its insurance division for another 550 million. This transaction brings the department store closer to its two main objectives. On the one hand, to reduce debt and, on the other, to improve its business and position in the eyes of investors.

    At the end of its fiscal year (February 28, 2021), its indebtedness increased by 560 million euros to 3,811 million euros. To meet this target, by 2026 the group’s debt should be at €1,524.6 million. The double transaction with Mutua will help to be closer, as it makes cash with €1,105 million.

    Back to the operation with Mutua, from El Corte Inglés they are aware that it is an endorsement of the management of the president Marta Álvarez and the CEO Víctor del Pozo. And we are not only talking about the 1,105 million euros, but it is also a reinforcement of its shareholding that improves its position in the eyes of investors and a hypothetical IPO that is always talked about but never comes.

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