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    Pull and bear stranger things

    natti natasha – lamento tu pérdida [lyric video].

    The idea that removing the deceased’s belongings early will speed up the healing process seems to be widely accepted, in an attempt to «if I don’t see it, it doesn’t hurt». This mechanism, perfectly human, responds to a defense and pain avoidance mechanism. However, what seems like a quick route to healing can complicate the grieving process.

    Attempting to make a very drastic change in the house or room after the loss indirectly forces the mourner to be okay, as if in a hurry to accept and adapt to what has happened. Moreover, it artificially transforms a situation that is painful – and time-consuming – into something superfluous.

    Experts call «mummification» the fact of keeping absolutely all the deceased’s belongings and rooms the same as they were when the deceased was alive. It is as if the mourner is waiting for their return and, therefore, is not accepting the reality of the loss.

    Removing things hastily or never removing them at all complicates the processes of acceptance of the death and emotional expression (corresponding to the 1st and 2nd tasks of grief processing). Both decisions cause the mourner to set in motion psychological mechanisms that block the course of normal mourning. Anxiety and anguish may appear, crying and discomfort may be repressed, as the bereaved is forced to be well, not only because the sudden change forces them to start a new stage, but also because they long for the return of the deceased person.

    plantar fasciitis – what it is, causes, symptoms and treatment

    As for what will be the development of the clash, he considered «a pity» the poor state of the pitch. «I saw the game against Nantes, the players themselves are complaining about the turf and it’s a shame because ideally, this great stadium would have a turf in accordance with the whole envelope. But if it is not in perfect condition, we will all adapt,» he said.

    Regarding Aduriz, he stressed that his «importance is vital». «That Aritz has a good day, that he is fine and with a good feeling, as we saw in the previous tie, is essential for us. He is one of our decisive players,» he said.

    Of Balenziaga, who could be one of the novelties in «a recognizable team» in the starting lineup, he revealed that «he is one of those players who makes himself loved because he always pulls forward, in good times and bad».

    And about his delicate position at the helm of the team, very questioned by the fans, Cuco Ziganda assured that he accepts «the rules of the game» because «they are like that for everyone». «A coach is exposed to the good and the bad, and I don’t lose heart at all. In fact, I am more and more eager to move forward and I do not lose hope,» he concluded. EFE

    what’s in the children’s space

    There are several models of Injinji socks that have passed through our feet, of different heights and thicknesses, from the first and the second version, so these Trail 2.0 Midweight were not new to us. Even so, they have surprised us with things that we have liked a lot and others that perhaps have not convinced us so much.

    The touch is extremely pleasant, very soft, they convey a feeling of warmth and when we touch them, images and thoughts of wool come to mind, so we immediately go to see the composition to check it because we did not know they had it.

    This has the advantage that they hardly compress the foot, they simply stick to it and do not weigh it down at all but, on the other hand, they may have a slightly shorter life, give less support, if they do not fit perfectly they may slip a little, etc.

    With the exception of the toe area, which requires a little more attention than usual, the rest of the sock fits perfectly, with zero pressure but without feeling loose, come on, just right.

    camilo – don’t leave (lyrics)

    And as expected, from the first moment their paths cross, the strong attraction between the busy Chief Hong and the consumptive Hye-Jin is inevitable, even though their personalities and treatment of each other are very different most of the time.

    This nine-episode k-drama has become an audience phenomenon, presenting a unique story that mixes drama with violence to show how dozens of people bet their lives for millions in a risky game.

    A deadly competition is the main narrative arc of El juego del calamar -to which a subplot with an undercover cop is added-, where violence and death are joined by drama and very good performances, making up a series for adults that only ratifies the great level reached by k-dramas.

    It is inspired by a webtoon -the digital comics born in South Korea- called Algoitjiman, and its story takes to the screen the premise of the original story, which begins with a question: What happens when a girl who does not believe in love, but wants to date, meets a young man who likes to flirt without establishing a relationship?

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