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    C. Tangana released his new video three days ago, and yes, we still hadn’t talked about it. Not because we are more delayed than Iggy Azalea’s second album, no, it’s just that we were really terrified that, while we were writing the post about it, the rapper would release four other collaborations, 7 videos and two studio albums. So, to be safe rather than sorry, and to be able to dedicate a single post to all his news, we decided to wait.

    And he, as if knowing that we were dumbfounded waiting for two hundred more releases, has decided to take it easy, and apparently, let the development of his new single, ‘Bien Duro’, take place in conditions. And he’s doing well, because it’s shaping up to be one of the bops of the summer. At the moment, it is already close to 1.5 million listens on Spotify, and is currently in the top 10 of the most listened songs in the country.

    berta vázquez, caught topless during her vacation with c. tanganga

    If soon she announces that she is like a ‘single lady’, sooner we catch her in the Primavera (you know, blood changes), and now Berta Vázquez and C. Tangana could only be going well (or badly at all).

    In any case, and as we believe in love, we have a presumed explanation: in case you didn’t know, C. Tangana is about to release a new videoclip for his song ‘Bien duro’, and in it Berta Vázquez stars in the story of a somewhat toxic relationship («when we’re bad, I have a good time», says the lyrics). What if screaming, what if I throw a vase at you, what if they argue to death, but then they have sex? In short, a strong plot.

    What’s going on? That in a preview that the rapper has given us on his Instagram account we have seen the first images of the video clip, and in one of the shots (you have to be attentive), Berta Vázquez appears dancing with the dress that coincidentally is also wearing in the video of the bronca. Could it be, then, that they were shooting one more scene? As a power, of course yes, so it will be best to wait to see where the waters of this river come from.

    we interviewed clara peya and alba flores on the occasion of

    The actress and the singer enjoy a few days of vacation in Ibiza. However, what started out as a quiet beach day ended up being very hot. And is that Berta Vázquez (26) and C. Tangana (28) could not hide their passion and got very playful.

    Faced with this situation, the Bien Duro singer, who is not made of stone, began to kiss his girl, so they decided to take shelter in a cozier and more intimate place: the parking lot. There, both continued with their game, this time with Berta leaning on the car and Tangana between her legs while they kissed and caressed each other.

    The interpreter and the rapper met in the videoclip Bien duro, although their romance came to light in May, when they were seen kissing at the Primavera Sound festival. At that time, the singer was having an idyll with the also artist Rosalía, who posted on Instagram a clear message against her then boyfriend and immediately cut her relationship with him, leaving the way open to the courtship of her ex and Berta.

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    After seeing them together at Primavera Sound and at the Torrejón de Ardoz festivities, the couple has starred in the new video clip of the rapper ‘Bien Duro’, in which they are seen in a very stormy relationship. Coinciding with the publication of the teaser, the magazine ¡Qué Me Dices! has published a video in which the couple can be seen arguing loudly in the street in broad daylight. Although the reason for the argument is not very clear, the actress can be heard shouting «I don’t want to talk!» as she walks away from the rapper.

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