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    Timothée chalamet

    Call Me By Your Name’ was a hit at the time and there are already confirmed plans for a sequel, although it will not take André Aciman’s literary sequel: ‘Find Me’ to tell the story; so which way will Luca Guadagnino go?

    Aciman recently released the sequel to his book titled: Find Me, focusing on Elio’s father Samuel Perlman and his personal journey after getting divorced. His son and Oliver are part of the story, but not the main characters. The director: Luca Guadagnino (Suspiria) has confirmed that the film sequel will be made, but it will not be based on the novel and he even has an appointment pending in the Americas to talk to a writer he has in his sights for the second part.

    In Call Me by Your Name 2 Timothée Chalamet, Armie Hammer, Michael Stuhlbarg and Esther Garrel are confirmed. Dakota Johnson is still a fantasy, but it will all depend on the chosen screenwriter and if the actress’ schedule is available by then, but let’s not rule her out.

    Call me by your name 2

    In short. In a rather seductive but subtle atmosphere, Elio begins to notice Oliver, and vice versa, in a relationship where friendship borders on flirtation, where there is apparently tension, but no antibodies to worry about. Without going into plot details, it is necessary to point out that photography will play a fundamental role in taking the viewer to a more contemplative and reflective space, creating enough space to fill in the gaps.

    Elio’s parents love him, they give him space. At the end of the day, they are gringos living in Italy, living a sort of bourgeois paradise. I won’t even delve into how well the film surfs in developing a very upper-class intellectual context, which Lucrecia Martel has already talked about quite a bit, (that Woodyallenesque intellectualism that, from October 2017 onwards, started to be looked at with suspicion). Rather, I will focus on a more political theme, which is where I feel the film is trying to go.

    It may be that Call Me By Your Name’s is an idyllic story, where the end is given more by temporality than by a breakup, but the harmony of the relationships reaches a level of incredulity that attempts against the film itself. If something remarkable can be rescued from the structure, it is that usually in Hollywood, gay love stories tended to be wrapped in a conservative morality more called to punish one of the characters. That is where Call Me By Your Name bets on another path, although as often happens in the stories of life, it is often more interesting the how than the what. And here, it is the how that fails.

    André aciman

    And as golden supporting actors we have Amira Casar and Michael Stuhlbarg, Elio’s parents. He, in particular, has one of the highlights of the film: a delicate conversation with his son that is pure gold. The text is good, but the materialization can’t be better.

    It may be sold as an iconic film for the LGTBI collective, but it transcends on its own merits that facile label, because it speaks to something much more universal by creating a mirror in which everyone who has ever loved can see themselves reflected. We have all been Elio once in our lives.

    Special mention to the apparently simple staging, very natural, to the light that contributes to create that summer as an almost bucolic frame for the idyll and the wonderful soundtrack that so well portrays the illusion of first love. Overall it is not a sad film, one could almost say that it is luminous and balsamic, dealing with normality what is normal, for once, and yet it awakens very powerful emotions.

    Call me by your name summary

    Call me by your name is a love story as forceful as it is beautiful with a tremendous ending that obviously I can’t comment on but that is a perfect mirror to an American classic of the 80s, whether it’s plagiarism or homage, the final shot is pure art.

    Personally, I choose Guadagnino’s new Suspiria over this film. It’s well acted, with excellent camerawork and photography, but the story goes way too far off the rails and the 132 minutes become interminable. I don’t agree that this is a love story, and it didn’t touch my soul at all.

    I am still missing I am Tonya which I will see this Saturday and Invisible Thread which I will leave for the dvd or bluray at Matias said it is cinema in its purest leaves you with a bitter taste at the end what is not clear to me is if one of the contracted HIV or it seemed to me. Now they are confirming a 2nd part that to see that the protagonists get sick I prefer not to continue more.The kid tremendous deserved nomination although it was obvious he was going to lose to Gary but very little because it breaks in his role.Hammer is also perfect for the role and the father of Elio is the Russian Dr. The Shape of Water that is not excellent.A 10.

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