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    Cancion me gustan las vocales

    Vowels in english

    The word «vowel» comes from the Latin vocalis, which means «with the voice», since, in most languages, words, and therefore speech, are impossible without vowels (even in languages that allow words without vowels, such words are a minority). The term «vowel» is commonly used to refer both to vowel sounds and to the written signs that represent them.

    The articulatory features that distinguish the various vowel sounds determine their vowel «quality». Daniel Jones developed the cardinal vowel system to describe vowels according to three common features «height» (vertical dimension, also called «aperture»), «location» (horizontal dimension) and «rounding» (lip position, also called «labialization»). In the vowel chart to the right, these three parameters are indicated. However, there are other possible features, such as the position of the velum (nasality), type of vowel vibration (phonation) and position of the root of the tongue.

    Ronda de las vocales

    «Las canciones infantiles como estimulación temprana en las escuelas». Introducción: la estimulación musical temprana es una herramienta útil que mejora el desarrollo lingüístico, motriz, cognitivo y social de los niños pequeños. El proceso es complejo y específico y puede realizarse de oído o mediante la escritura de una partitura. Objetivo: desarrollar un método con canciones infantiles para estimular desde bebés hasta niños de tres años que pueda ser utilizado desde particulares hasta instituciones públicas y privadas como redes de atención y guarderías. Método: basándome en mi propia experiencia familiar, recomiendo cinco etapas: la preliminar (escuchar música clásica dentro del vientre materno), la primera (música que demuestra amor por los niños), la segunda (música para desarrollar la motricidad gruesa), la tercera (música para la diversión y las habilidades sociales) y la cuarta (música para desarrollar las habilidades cognitivas). Resultado: la música como herramienta de estimulación temprana refuerza el vínculo de amor entre padres e hijos y podría promover el vínculo entre profesores y niños. Conclusión: mi impresión es que el método tuvo efectos positivos en el sueño, la motricidad gruesa, la habilidad social, el desarrollo cognitivo y la lingüística de mis hijos.

    The vocalists

    In 2000 Carey left Columbia and signed a $100 million contract with Virgin Records. Before the release of her first full-length film Glitter (2001), the artist suffered a physical and emotional breakdown and was hospitalized for severe exhaustion. After the film’s poor reception, she bought out her contract for $50 million USD, which led to a downturn in her career. She signed a multi-million dollar contract with Island Records in 2002 and after a period of no success, returned to the top of the charts with The Emancipation of Mimi (2005). The second single from the material, «We Belong Together,» became her most successful single of the decade, leading Billboard magazine to name it the «Song of the Decade.» Carey ventured back into the film industry with a well-received starring role in Precious (2009); she was honored with the top acting award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, and nominations for the Black Reel Awards and the NAACP Image Award.

    I am a snake

    For TWICE’s YouTube contents, Chaeyoung prepared a great cover, showing her fanaticism for Justin Bieber and a side as a singer that makes her stand out more than ever; in her ‘Melody Project’ she shows impressive vocal ranges.

    Chaeyoung has already demonstrated more of her talents in Melody Project alongside Dahyun Dahyun and Chaeyoung are TWICE’s female rappers and although they have nimble verses, they also have amazing vocal talents that they have demonstrated more than once and teamed up for a great ‘Melody Project’ from the past, with ‘Switch to Me’ they charmed ONCE. ‘Melody Project’ is a great space to get to know all the talents of TWICE idols, new facets and refreshing concepts that ONCE ends up loving, there is definitely a lot for this fandom to enjoy thanks to their amazing favorite idols.In other TWICE news, and speaking of Dahyun, this rapper crowned herself as the best ONCE by knowing everything about her girl group, how did she prove it? Follow us on

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