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    Canciones de camilo sesto para escuchar

    camilo sesto melina

    Amor, amarIn 1972 came another of his greatest hits, Amor, amar, in the album Solo un hombre. Camilo Sesto bared his soul with that intense look and returned to talk about love with a ballad that touched the heart. In this song he talks about the wounds of love, loneliness and melancholy, but the lyrics are not written by Camilo, only the chorus belongs to him, everything else is the work of Lucía Bosé with whom the artist had a relationship.

    MelinaMelina distances itself a little from the artist’s previous triumphs, but it also becomes a hit in which he dedicates some beautiful words to women with verses like «You are fire of love / Light of the sun / Volcano and earth / Wherever you go / You leave your mark». It is a song with a different rhythm to what Camilo had us used to, but it achieves the same fame as others.

    Vivir así es morir de amorIn 1978 Camilo Sesto already had countless hits and a large number of awards and recognitions behind him, but if we have to talk about a mythical song and impossible to forget that is Vivir así es morir de amor. Everyone, without exception, has sung it at some time, grandparents, parents, young people … It is inevitable that it comes out at parties or in a karaoke, and it is just as difficult to resist singing it.

    camilo sesto to live like this is to die of love

    «Sesto, a born perfectionist, embraced the task of bringing the heavies screams to his rubbery balladeer’s voice. He had an idea for it. As a transition between his rage and his tenderness Sesto presents his aggressiveness with a guttural voice. A technique DIAMETRALLY OPPOSITE to Gillan’s,» explains the user, «That’s why these singing teachers freak out. Because even though it’s the long way around, Sesto wanted those gutturals. He wanted those trebles. And he integrated them both.»

    The compilation and the data for many unknown of Jesus Christ Superstar has made thousands of users applaud the explanations and deserved recognition to the artist from Alcoy, with many who wish that this type of trends serve to publicize the work of that great artist who was Camilo Sesto.

    camilo sesto forgive me

    Staging: A stage at five levels with multi-screenThe production has projected a spectacular staging of lights and sound, stage at 5 levels with multi-screen and more than 20 artists.

    A total of 35 songs from their repertoire can be heard, interpreted «in 35 different scenes and linked by a generational thread», without dialogue or actors, relying all the weight on the four singers, four backing singers and a great band with a full brass section.

    «We are going to take the songs to another point,» Senabre assured, before stressing that the approach to them will be «respectful and very strict,» convinced that the result will be an «immersive and immersive» staging that will make the spectators go «through all the emotional stages.»

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    camilo sesto wherever you are, whoever you are with

    Algo de mí was his first hit released in 1971. His voice and style broke the canons of the time and the term «Camilo moment» became a constant at parties in the 70’s when his ballads were played and couples danced to his romantic melodies.

    One of his best-remembered heartbreak songs is this one. Published in 1978 and included in his LP Sentimientos, Camilo composed these lyrics to sing to an impossible, unrequited love, someone who suffers with a wounded soul. See also: Marianna Piotrowska shared with Diners her favorite songs.

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