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    Canciones de vanesa martin

    vanesa martín te siento tan dentro

    No te pude retener is a very sincere song that the artist wrote with all her heart. The song narrates a farewell full of things that never happened. Saying goodbye is not easy, but if you have songs that understand you, it becomes more bearable.

    «Inevitably we all project something towards others. When you get the right light to shine, an unstoppable moment is born.» This is the phrase that heads the video clip and with this alone we have already learned something. A phrase that helps us to reflect on how to be and know how to be in front of others.

    Whether we fall or not, we are always free. This song is fun when analyzing the story it hides. The encounter with someone who makes you fly, and this time for real. Because in free fall everything tastes better.

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    «I feel clumsy, I don’t know what’s wrong with me / I do everything backwards / I try to approach slowly to your mouth / And there I provoke a crazy trap / No, I don’t do it right / If I could look you in the eyes / And find you without further ado», so begins this song that we find in her fourth album Crónica De Un Baile.

    A song of which he released a version with Manuel Medrano in Munay and that goes like this: «How do we solve it / How do we make a ball with everything we know / Do not keep me in drawers what deserves fires / Nor take me against me with misgivings without conscience».

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    She signed with the multinational Warner Music in 2009 and released her second studio album Trampas. It was released on September 22, 2009, and was produced in Milan by the Italian Bob Benozzo, producer of Alejandro Sanz, Chambao, Ricardo Montaner, Ana Belén, among others. It consists of 12 songs composed by Vanesa Martín.

    The sixth studio album Todas las mujeres que habitan en mí was released on November 16, 2018,[18] it has the direction and production of Eric Rosse, with the co-production of Vanesa herself, and with the team of arrangers José Marín and Tony Romero.[19] The album was mixed and mastered by Chris Reynolds. It was recorded at Squawkbox Studios (Los Angeles), Cyclops Sound (Van Nuys) and Sunset Sound (Hollywood). It counted with the collaboration of Mariza, Abel Pintos and Kany García. This album managed to exceed 40,000 copies sold and went platinum.[20]

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    With romantic lyrics, Vanesa discovers herself living a life in which she has become accustomed to living excusing herself, excusing me. Everyone sees it, and I still don’t know why. It is a love story that has dissolved in habit, in the boredom of the everyday. Hence this craving for novelty: Come, kiss me again. But it must be a kiss that reveals to me why.

    In the end, it is the curse of living by the current of habit, without stopping for a moment to ask yourself the questions that really matter: why? and then what? and then what? what for?

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