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    Cant stop the feeling letra

    Cant stop the feeling letra del momento

    argentina football song ole, ole

    Greetings for me personally, wonderful, I do not play any instrument, one day came to mimanos a concuurso of children’s song, I was motivated, I began to write, I got the words one after another, I titled ETERNAL HAPPINESS presented it to a friend, to put music I start atarearearla the sitting at the piano began to fill the score at the end I sing it, I knew him by his last name I asked him for his name to put his name in the music and he told me the lyrics and the music are yours and I took it to the pentagram and they chose it and it was among the 11 finalists for me it was something amazing, from there I have continued writing the muse has not abandoned me as it is said if the muse dies the author dies now with his advice I thank him for having the knowledge to compose and how I can write it.

    swollen chants

    Every person, people or nation has its own identity, that is to say, a feeling of belonging that allows us to recognize our roots.    The Anthem and the Coat of Arms of the State of Mexico are the symbols of the State of Mexico.

    National eagle in the crest of the Coat of Arms, according to the Law on the Coat of Arms, Flag and National Anthem, and the drawing in the upper left quarter that represents the Xinantécatl volcano, the pyramid of the Sun of Teotihuacán and the original toponym of Toluca, the capital of the State of Mexico.

    Article 6.- The Coat of Arms of the State of Mexico will be used exclusively as seal in all official correspondence of the dependencies of the powers of the State and its municipalities, but it is prohibited to use it in particular documents.

    In 1941, then Governor Wenceslao Labra called for a contest among Mexican artists to propose a coat of arms for the State of Mexico, since there was no coat of arms to identify the state. Improperly, the coat of arms of the municipality of Toluca was being used for the entire state.

    i am argentine, it is a feeling

    Reconciling both writings, which in turn are realized in the human aesthetics and perspective of the time in its most radical changes, is the industrial revolution that maintains a different aesthetic in modernism.

    Literary modernism could be defined as a movement of rupture with the current aesthetics that began around 1880 and whose fundamental development reached until the First World War. This rupture is linked to the broad spiritual crisis of the end of the century.

    Hispanic modernism is a synthesis of Parnassianism and Symbolism: the first takes the conception of poetry as a marble block, with the yearning for formal perfection, exotic themes and sensory values; the second, the conception that art should suggest, and seek rhythmic effects within a varied musicality.

    Silva (Bogotá, 1865-Bogotá, 1896) carried out his education in a self-taught way since he left school in 1878. He traveled to Paris and lived in London and Switzerland. He committed suicide after the failure of the family business and the consequent debts. The death of his sister and grandfather and the loss of much of his work in a shipwreck. His known poetic work is, therefore, scarce, although it stands out for its innovation and for its great modernist content. The most remembered of his work are the Nocturnes.

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