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    Cuántos años tiene raquel mosquera

    raquel mosquera defends the honor of her husband with a

    «I don’t blame anyone, neither the documentary nor any person, but what is true is that at that moment I was more irritated, more hurt and vulnerable and that certainly doesn’t help my illness,» Raquel tells the magazine.

    Mosquera said that what hurt her most about the docuseries were the things that Rocío said about Pedro Carrasco. She didn’t think they were fair and it didn’t seem right to do so when he can no longer defend himself.

    In the interview she also revealed why she is moving out of her house in Galapagar. The reason is that both she and her husband work far from there and her children need a change of environment to be closer to their friends.

    raquel mosquera’s sister, very concerned after the

    The summer has not been easy for Raquel Mosquera, who experienced a relapse in her health problems that forced her to be admitted to a medical center again. The hairdresser returned this Saturday to Viva la vida to explain how her health is and how she was affected by the broadcast of the Rocío Carrasco docuseries.

    But, undoubtedly, the big issue was her reaction to what Rocío said in her explosive documentary. In it, she said that Mosquera no longer existed for her after some statements she made in the Deluxe in the past assuring that the ex-boxer died without talking to her daughter. The positions on this matter continue to clash.

    Although Raquel stood firm in her version, she did not hesitate to use the interview to try to build bridges with the daughter of her former husband. Asked if she had seen all the chapters, Mosquera admitted that she tried to watch them, but had to stop to avoid getting upset, the same attitude that Ortega Cano had.

    To bring positions closer, the interviewee of Viva la vida recalled the good times they spent together: «For me Rocío Carrasco does exist. I try to keep the good things in my heart? For my part there have been good times». But the good memories did not end there for her.

    raquel mosquera responde a rocío carrasco

    En 1970, el año en que nació Raquel Mosquera Medina, el 10 de abril, Paul McCartney anunció que dejaba los Beatles. (John Lennon le había dicho previamente a la banda que se iba pero no lo había anunciado públicamente). A finales de año, cada Beatle tenía su propio álbum.

    En 1985, el 15 de marzo, se registró el primer nombre de dominio de Internet: Symbolics, Inc., una empresa derivada del Laboratorio de Inteligencia Artificial del MIT, era un fabricante de ordenadores con sede en Massachusetts. La empresa ya no existe y el nombre de dominio se vendió 25 años después.

    En 1992, el 29 de abril, empezaron los disturbios en Los Ángeles tras el veredicto de «Rodney King». Cuatro agentes de la policía de Los Ángeles habían sido acusados de usar fuerza excesiva (agresión) contra el afroamericano Rodney King, que había sido detenido por conducir ebrio. La paliza había sido grabada en vídeo. Su absolución desencadenó 6 días de disturbios en Los Ángeles.

    En 1994, el 6 de mayo, el ex preso político, abogado y activista Nelson Mandela fue elegido primer presidente negro de Sudáfrica. Tenía 75 años cuando fue elegido y cumplió un mandato de cinco años.

    isi, raquel mosquera’s partner, reveals how raquel mosquera is doing.

    In January 2006, Raquel had to be admitted to the Puerta del Hierro hospital in Madrid, after suffering a psychiatric crisis. Months later, the hairdresser admitted that she had suffered a «personality disorder», from which she was already recovered.during those moments, the disagreements between Raquel’s family and her husband became more evident. And during the time Raquel was hospitalized, it was the hairdresser’s parents who took care of Raquelita.

    At the end of 2006, Raquel, fully recovered, was already collaborating in some TV shows, such as ‘El programa de AR’. In the picture we see her with Jorge Javier Vázquez before performing in a special of this program.

    In December 2008, Raquel went to a TV set to speak for the first time after her suicide attempt. In tears, Pedro Carrasco’s widow told of the bad times she was going through, which had led her to be admitted several times to the López Ibor Clinic.

    The ‘feeling’ that there was between Raquel Mosquera and Fortu was appreciated in and out of the water. It was rumored that they were together but they never confirmed it. The singer jokingly said that «his love was Raquel but she didn’t fit».

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