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    Dorian los amigos que perdi letra

    Dorian- los amigos que perdí (letra)

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    Dorian, santi balmes – los amigos que perdí [letra]

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    La banda está formada por Marc Gili (compositor y letrista principal), Belly Hernández (piano, sintetizadores, arreglos y voz) y Bart Sanz (bajo). Los otros dos miembros principales son Lisandro Montes (sintetizadores, guitarra, arreglos y voz) y Víctor López (batería).

    A principios de la década de 2000, Barcelona contaba con una animada escena musical, tanto en el género rock & pop como en el electrónico. Marc Dorian, Belly Hernández y Bart Sanz (tres músicos vinculados a la escena independiente) decidieron poner en marcha un proyecto cuyo sonido era una combinación de elementos de la new wave de los 80 y sonidos electrónicos de los 90 y 2000. Por ello, algunas de las primeras influencias de la banda fueron grupos como Radio Futura, Nacha Pop, Aviador Dro, New Order, The Cure, The Chameleons, Dntel y The Postal Service.

    Spanglish lyrics

    -The new album shows a more luminous Dorian. Do you see it that way? -I see how the nihilism of the past, of La ciudad subterránea, has been transformed into a much more positive energy, but also belligerent. The characters in our songs are real and, while before they fought what they didn’t like about society by fleeing to the dark side, now they try to find a place in it, even though they don’t like it. At the present time I think it is better to have a positive and constructive attitude, rather than a nihilistic and escapist one. And that’s how the album came out.

    -Arde sobre mojado» has all the signs of becoming an anthem of it. -Yes, it’s a song that we are really enjoying live. The lyrics are absolutely positive and, in a way, it’s an invitation not to let those aspects of the organization of society that you don’t like defeat you. We live surrounded by invisible walls that imprison you and that are difficult to break down. But I think there are cracks in that wall that allow us to have a fuller life. There is a general discourse based on fear that you are taught from the time you are in school. Instead of security, it often generates uneasiness.

    The friends i lost (ft. santi balmes de love of lesbian)

    This title, «los amigos que perdí», is from a song by the band Dorian. It resonates the message that life opens doors to other places, to new worlds to explore, moving away from old friendships.

    It seems that what we have lived through has led us here, to the present moment, what is really important. We once opened a door that closed when we left, and it is likely that by now we have forgotten many of the friends we lost. Although what we shared with them, the real prize, will never disappear.

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