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    El payaso la hora chanante

    el gañán

    La Hora Chanante (The Whamming Hour o The Amazing Hour) es un programa de televisión de humor español emitido a través de la versión local por cable/satélite del canal Paramount Comedy. Cada episodio tiene una duración de media hora y consiste en una serie de sketches no relacionados entre sí (tanto actuados como animados) y una historia protagonizada por alguna celebridad que ayuda a mantener la continuidad a lo largo del programa. Los episodios se emitían mensualmente hasta 2006, año en que se suspendió el programa. Sin embargo, las reposiciones se emiten con frecuencia a través de Paramount Comedy así como de Localia, y en diciembre de 2007, Paramount Comedy España y Universal Pictures lanzaron un pack de dos DVDs con los mejores momentos de «La Hora Chanante» y algunos extras, un inédito (el episodio 51), escenas eliminadas, pegatinas y un cómic dibujado por Joaquín Reyes.

    Fue creado y dirigido por el cómico albaceteño Joaquín Reyes, que también interpretó a los personajes retratados en cada episodio, haciendo así de presentador del programa. Muchas de las escenas del programa fueron dibujadas por Lalo Kubala y Carlos Areces, ambos conocidos por su trabajo en la revista de sátira española El Jueves.

    chanante economy – the tontonetti clown

    Stephen King, where they told us about his life with a touch of humor that bordered on the burlesque and with a Manchego accent and speech. In exchange, the character imitated in the Testimony of a program had the honor of being the presenter of the next one. Here we leave you a selection of the favorites of the editors of

    Nowadays we can find countless videos of movies dubbed with a script that doesn’t even remotely resemble the original in order to get a few laughs out of the audience. Before the boom of the youtubers, they were already doing it in

    la hora chanante – el payaso – fisionomia.3gp

    I live with your mother in a castle well it’s a duplex but it’s our nest – don’t judge us boy, you have no right, we’re adults we’ve talked about it – your mother for me is the most important thing you have to accept it now I’m your father and look me in the eyes you think I’m trying to fool you that I do it for the money that I’m a starving man but it’s true love what I feel for your mother that majadreos like me you’ve seen them before you can see us clown charlatans from afar – you think because you’re her son you can insult me? -shut up boy don’t talk like that to the clown he is a good man, he is an honest man- yes, balls, I am an honest clown I had my problems but I have smashed them to pieces: problems with drinks, problems with gambling, problems with drugs and firearms thanks to the Lord they are part of the past, thanks to your mother I am a renewed clown.

    I live with your mother in a castle sometimes I bring it fat sometimes I bring it thin I live with your mother in a castle milk carton linen pajamas I live with your mother in a castle ola se?or alce ola se?or ping? I live with your mother in a castle I live with your mother in cucumber street, I live with your mother in a castle sometimes I bring it fat sometimes I bring it thin I live with your mother in a castle carton de leche linen pajamas I live with your mother in a castle hello moose, hello ping?ino se?or I live with your mother in a castle ?and what do I know if I don?t even know what I?m saying anymore?

    a day in the life of a clown | la hora chanante

    I remember with amusement my father telling me about La Hora Chanante. He would always explain an episode where one of his characters would say, «I love shit». I, on the other hand, sometimes I love honey,» Dad would say in a joking tone.

    Wide and varied, the sum of the legs squared equals the hypotenuse squared. Without further ado, the components of this modest but not arrogant will be detailed (Rat’s faith: Where it says: modest but not arrogant, it should read: annoying arrogant ass corrected by the alumni association of copsuicent stylism).

    Ridiculization of the phantasmagoric seventies scenery of the United States of America in a single being, a typically American hero who does not fail to express the atonement that insipidly our strayed mind of the issues dealt with in the program, lets see the social wonder of the culture vulgarly known as yankee. Worthy of being admired by opponents and metatarcians, bocaseca undertakes an adventure through the hidden rainy fields. Where he meets the shit man.

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