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    it’s time to take care of yourself!

    I find it a luxury to sit in an armchair in front of a stage and people passing by. It is a privilege to smell the emotion, the nerves, the desire to show what each one brings. It is one of the most beautiful jobs.

    The four of us are very different and there has been a lot of discussion, we have little to do. But we get along well and I’m very fond of Jorge because besides having him by my side, I laugh a lot with him. We get along better and better.

    I think the TV world is like that and it doesn’t depend on us either, we are just workers. It’s hard not to feel a little sad to see that this fight between networks can leave dead people on the way, but I don’t get involved.

    I have not seen it for a minute. The truth is that it’s hard for me to turn on the TV and I usually watch things a la carte, but from what I see in social networks I think it has improved significantly in terms of themes, coexistence or the classes of Los Javis.

    I finished in October with Los vecinos de arriba, Cesc Gay’s play. This winter has been relaxed, but I’m still eager to do fiction, both for theater and television as I enjoyed a lot with Web Therapy for #0. I’m also in the film Tiempo después, by José Luis Cuerda.

    an unstoppable julia leaves everyone with their mouths wide open

    It all started with an innocent school project for the audiovisual subject. Ivan Gonzalez, a Mallorcan teenager eager to attract attention, came up with the idea of recording a video in which he appeared singing a song entitled Maricón. The lyrics could not be more controversial and began with «I’m a faggot and I love the church, but they won’t let me in because I make a fuss…» while he appeared disguised as his alter ego Samantha Hudson wiggling in a vulgar way with daring twerking sessions and half naked in the middle of the street. The teacher gave him an A, but the Religion tutor flew into a rage and the alarm went viral, even to the national press. It was 2016 and the video went viral on social networks…the trash phenomenon Samantha Hudson, a kind of leader of the homosexual Christian collective, had just been born.

    The Mallorcan filmmaker Joan Porcel wanted to analyze the figure of Ivan / Samantha in a documentary presented exclusively at the Atlantida Film Fest and which has become the most watched film in the history of the event both through the online platform Filmin and at its physical headquarters in Palma.

    symphiles: feminism, with roy galán | elle spain

    A montage of some of the conferences has been disseminated. Trifásica, a twitter account, shows speeches by Alicia Miyares (PhD in philosophy), Amelia Valcárcel (philosopher and former Minister of Education in Asturias) and Anna Prats (journalist). Some of the great moments: «I say guys because they are guys»; «there are many problems with this gender issue that are sustained with fashion knowledge»; «to be told that if we are lesbians and we don’t like penises, we are transphobes, is rape culture and patriarchy».

    We are considering bringing to the attention of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Hate Crimes the recent events in the city of Gijón, in which hatred, hostility and discrimination against a group for their sexual identity and gender reasons were promoted. #transphobia- International Foundation for Human Rights (@Declaration) July 8, 2019

    Their doctrine drinks heavily from much of the oldest classical feminist theory, which defends that the primordial must be the woman and her experience. They are heirs of the «analytical» theory of gender and are against the «identitarian» category. That being a woman or a man is a social construct and therefore genders should be abolished, not encouraged.

    laura escanes audio statements

    However, the most active area of the forum, with over 176 million posted messages (as of September 2017)[5] is the General Area, which allows registered users to create new threads on non-motor-related topics such as electronics, computers, employment or travel. The most popular threads usually deal with Internet phenomena, interpersonal relationships, entertainment (whether sports, television, music or film), politics and mature content.

    In October 2016, it was organized from the forum to send a large number of pizzas to the PSOE headquarters on the occasion of the long meetings that were being held by the party’s executive that ended with the resignation of Pedro Sánchez as Secretary General, and after the same. Days after the massive delivery of pizzas, mariachis were hired to sing versions of famous rancheras adapted to the situation the PSOE was going through.

    ForoCoches has an automatic moderation system in which the users themselves are the ones who, by means of attention calls (reports), can sanction questionable attitudes, reaching the prohibition of new collaborations (or banning) to the provoking user or to the user who does not comply with the rules.[22]

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