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    Yesterday ‘La resistencia’ closed its interview season with the visit of an icon for millenials: Jordi Cruz.  The former host of ‘Art Attack’ recalled his time at the helm of the crafts program, when thanks to his fame he even filled a stadium in Chile.

    The current host of Cadena 100 revealed the anecdote after a suggestion from David Broncano: «It would be great if you were touring with crafts. It could be done&rdquor.  «I’ve already done it, in Chile&rdquor,» confessed the guest.

    Another of the topics to be discussed was the viral video of Jordi Cruz in which the sound is slowed down, so that it seems that he is drunk. Broncano wanted to know if he was ever drunk doing the show, to which Cruz answered: «Not in ‘Art Attack’, maybe in ‘Club Disney’&rdquor.

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    There’s been something of an upturn, hasn’t there? I thought so when they bought all that toilet paper (he laughs). The truth is that, fortunately, handicrafts have been an occupation for many people and Art Attack is a reference point. During the first week I posted different programs so that people could see them later. Because, I repeat: «what are we going to do with all that toilet paper? (laughs) Let’s go back to your beginnings. You started in television very young, in the Disney Club, how did that opportunity come into your life?

    I’ve always loved arts and crafts. I loved sitting in that room where all the materials were. I would think, «I could be here for two months, but I only have a fortnight». It was fun. And, about the hands… This is like the Tooth Fairy or the Three Wise Men. They are legends that better remain legends. What is real is that Art Attack was an international program and, understanding how TV works, it was impossible for the hands to be different in all countries… Speaking of internationalization, you became very famous in Latin America, after replacing Rui Torres, the Mexican host of Art Attack who passed away. However, there are many news on the Internet that say that it was you who died…

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    Jordi Cruz Pérez (nacido el 14 de octubre de 1976) es un presentador de televisión español, conocido por presentar el programa Art Attack. También ha sido presentador en la emisora de radio Cadena 100. Desde diciembre de 2020, presenta el podcast ¿Sigues ahí? para Netflix.

    En septiembre de 1998, Cruz comenzó a presentar otro programa infantil, Art Attack en Disney Channel,[1] un programa de manualidades dirigido a los más pequeños, que se mantuvo hasta 2004. Posteriormente, protagonizó el programa El rayo, con Inma del Moral.

    En 2005, Cruz pasó a otros programas infantiles de renombre, entre los que destaca su participación durante ocho años en el programa Jordi: Megatrix de Antena 3. Su compañera de reparto fue la cantante Natalia Rodríguez hasta 2007, cuando se convirtió en el único presentador del programa.

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    The presenter Jordi Cruz Pérez (not to be confused with the chef Jordi Cruz, presenter of MasterChef) will sneak the next afternoons in our homes. And it is that from this Monday, September 20 we will see him, as a guest, in the contest Pasapalabra, which presents Roberto Leal in the afternoons of Antena 3.

    Cruz was born in Barcelona in 1976, and became a very popular character thanks to the program Club Disney, which he presented both in La 1 and Telecinco. He was also in charge of Art Attack, a Disney Channel arts and crafts program that would later be broadcast on free-to-air television.

    In the same program, she explained that because Art Attack was very much in demand, she was unable to get into other television projects. In that sense, he assured that he was «about to do a Caiga quien caiga and they didn’t take me because that weekend they started to broadcast Art Attack on Antena 3. They called me from Telecinco and told me: I’m sorry, but you can’t do it».

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