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    el hormiguero 3.0 – pablo motos questions justin bieber

    The presenter started the interview asking the Canadian if he understood the girls referring to the title of his new single: What do you mean? «No» has answered Bieber in a very dry way provoking the shrieks of his fans who did not let Motos proceed with the interview.

    Justin Bieber, with his hood up at all times, answered all the presenter’s questions in his characteristic cocky way. In addition, the special guest went out to greet all the fans who were waiting for him at the door of the studios of El Hormiguero.

    At the end of the interview, the most expected moment of the program has arrived. Justin Bieber has left the table to stand in the middle of the set and sing live his new single with his guitarist.

    Marron has come out to the set of Hormiguero with his science section. The collaborator has played with some very powerful magnets that look like wood and Pablo Motos has simulated that he was nailing nails in the artist’s hand.

    pablo motos letting justin biber down

    «I wrote ‘Shape of you’ and I didn’t want it on the album at all. When they convinced me I realized, look now the success it’s having» (…) «I thought ‘Shape of you’ was bad, I have to admit it.

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    joaquín reyes is a justin bieber-level star

    A few hours after Justin Bieber returned to revolutionize ‘El hormiguero’, the American singer has already been the talk of our country. First, because of the madness unleashed by his fans -among them Andreíta Janeiro, Belén Esteban’s daughter-, to get one of the tickets raffled by the program.

    Did he leave without saying anything? No. His closest circle told us that he was very apathetic today. Besides, he arrived 40 minutes late for the interview. Once inside, from the program we told him to present his song as a DJ. And he did it very well. But, afterwards, we think that because there were a lot of cell phones recording he felt more overwhelmed and decided to leave.»

    justin bieber on el hormiguero 3.0

    And true to their crazy ways, Trancas and Barrancas had fun dancing for the singer; then, they put him to guess if the sounds presented by the little ants were from an animal or from his fans.

    While we’re on the subject of screaming girls, a couple of them were lucky enough to take selfies with the singer after passing body memory tests. If you see it, you’ll understand.        In one of the most surprising moments, Pablo Motos gave Justin Bieber a gift. Find out here what it was.

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