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    Letra lust for life lana del rey

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    «Lust for Life» es una canción grabada por la cantautora estadounidense Lana Del Rey con la participación del cantante canadiense The Weeknd. La canción fue escrita y producida por Del Rey y Rick Nowels, con la escritura adicional de Weeknd y Max Martin y la producción adicional de Dean Reid y Kieron Menzies. Fue lanzada el 19 de abril de 2017, a través de Polydor Records e Interscope Records, como el segundo sencillo de su quinto álbum de estudio del mismo nombre (2017). Una canción dream pop, «Lust for Life» recuerda a la música de los años 60, especialmente de grupos de chicas como las Shangri-Las y las Angels; la canción de estas últimas de 1963 «My Boyfriend’s Back» es referenciada en la letra. También cita el poema «Invictus» del poeta inglés William Ernest Henley (1849-1903).

    «Lust for Life» recibió críticas mixtas por parte de los críticos musicales: algunos aclamaron su producción sensual que se aleja de los temas melancólicos y tristes presentes en los trabajos anteriores de Del Rey, mientras que otros criticaron sus letras como banales y la voz de The Weeknd como quejumbrosa. «Lust for Life» debutó en el top 100 de varios países, entre ellos Estados Unidos -donde alcanzó el puesto 64 siendo la tercera colaboración entre Del Rey y The Weeknd en entrar en la lista-, Reino Unido, Canadá, Escocia, Portugal, España, Bélgica e Irlanda.

    Lust for lifestudio album by iggy pop

    «Lust for Life» was the first song Lana Del Rey wrote for the album, during the writing process she felt it was a good record, however, she was not really satisfied with the initial version of the song, re-editing and re-writing the lyrics several times.[1] Seeing Del Rey’s outrage, Interscope record executive John Janick suggested that she should consult producer Max Martin to see what he might think of the record. She then flew to Martin’s compound located in Sweden.[2] He thought the first verse was the strongest part of what she had done, encouraging her to turn this verse into the song’s chorus. She returned to Rick Nowels’ place the next day, where she went back to work on the track to address what Martin had suggested, turned the verse into the chorus and to her it sounded «perfect.»[2] It was then that she felt she «really wanted» to hear Canadian singer The Weeknd sing the chorus, so he came and «rewrote it a little bit,» but then said he felt it lacked the «Shangri-Las element» she wanted, so she went back for a fourth time and overlaid it with harmonies.[3][2][2][1]

    Lust for life lana del rey letra english lyrics

    [The Weeknd]Because we are the masters of our own destinyWe are the captains of our own soulsSo there’s no reason to hesitateWe’re all alone, let’s take controlAnd I was like….

    My boyfriend’s back, and he’s nicer than ever (shuwop, shuwop)No more night, blue skies foreverI told you twice in our love letterNothing stops us now, green lights foreverAnd I was like….

    Then, we dance on the H of the Hollywood sign, yeah’Til we run out of breath, gotta dance ‘til we die (duwop, duwop)My boyfriend’s back, and he’s cooler than ever (shuwop, shuwop)There’s no more night, blue skies forever

    Lana del rey lust for life songs

    For a first long while, we listened to her singing her musical poems about intense love, a constant in her lyrics (and in her life, probably). But she seems to have had her fill of stormy relationships and, although she still seeks passion in life («And a lust for life keeps us alive») and, it couldn’t be otherwise, in love («But when I love him, get a feeling, something close to like a sugar rush»), now that she’s lived longer she’s back to certain stories («Could it be that I fell for another loser?») to which she used to dedicate lyrics laden with adoration.

    Culminating «Lust for Life», there are lyrics about drugs, about maturing and personal evolution so intimate and sincere that one even feels embarrassed to be invading the intimacy of Lana’s heart.

    Once we dive into the album we start to discover, little by little, how many jewels it contains… The dark and delicate «Love», with very Twin Peaks echoes, opens the album in a big way and you wonder: what will come after this? Well, more and better. «13 Beaches», already an anthem, a sad plea to resignation in the face of fame and paparazzi with one of the most beautiful choruses of the New Yorker’s career, in which she demonstrates her vocal power. «White Mustang» and «In My Feelings» are pure Lana: atmospheric, sometimes ghostly, with perfect and hypnotic rhythm changes that make you fly without even realizing it. They are dense compositions, as is characteristic of her, and yes, they may not go in the first time, but then you listen to it again, and then again. And then you wonder how you’ve lived so long without that song.

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