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    Macarena cabo coque malla

    coque malla wins the 2019 goya award for best song

    There is little to say about «Calma» that Coque Malla hasn’t already said, in a transparent and sincere lyric, with that brutal honesty that goes straight to the heart. «Calma» expresses a longing born from a state of stillness and silence that, despite taxation, if we know how to listen and choose, can give way to the greatest of freedoms. To listen to yourself and to know yourself, to decide your destiny, starting with the voices that you want to surround you (let’s stop the engine, listening to the inner beat). Of all the wishes in «Calm» there is one more luminous and necessary than any other: «we should be united, as we have never known our union». In calm.

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    In 2007 the original line-up of Los Ronaldos got back together for the release of a new EP titled 4 canciones, which contained as many unreleased songs including No puedo vivir sin ti. The band presented the new songs and polished off the old ones during a tour that summer, from which a new live album was released in 2008: La bola extra. After its release the band disbanded again[2] and each of the members, Malla included, went their separate ways.

    In 2013 he presented his project Mujeres, a CD+DVD in which he reviews his career together with female voices. Leonor Watling, Jeanette, Ángela Molina or his own mother, Amparo Valle, among others, wrap Malla during 10 of the 11 tracks of the work.[4].

    In 2018 he recorded «Este es el momento», main song of the original soundtrack of the film Campeones, by Javier Fesser. For this song, on February 2, 2019 he won his first Goya Award. He was previously nominated for best new actor in 1995 thanks to the film Todo es mentira.

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    The leader of Los Ronaldos has never hidden the influence of the Rolling Stones, a group they wanted to be like in the 80’s. «James Brown is more important to us than Nirvana», said Coque Malla to El País in the 90’s, «at the end of the day, we are children or grandchildren of the Rolling Stones».

    In another sign of Coque Malla’s admiration for the songs of the Rolling Stones, during the confinement of 2020 he dedicated a live domestic performance to cover songs by the Stones and the Beatles:

    mujeres, by coque malla ( 4k trailer spanish )

    Along with the performances scheduled at the Monasterio de San Jeronimo as part of the XXI Biennial of Flamenco, Macarena, South and Triana districts host different proposals between 20 and 26 August.

    The fourth weekend of August faces its days with new cultural proposals scheduled under the intense programming that this summer period takes place in the city under the brand ‘Summer in the City’. A set of activities that one more week extend beyond the weekend and dot the neighborhoods of the city with a complete cultural offer.

    On Saturday, August 22, Los Voluble (Benito and Pedro Jiménez, as dj and live electronics, and Vj and live visuals, respectively) will present ‘Flamenco is not a crime’, «an audiovisual remix made live in which we work with archive material and in which you can hear and see different artists, from Paquera de Jerez to Tomás Pavón, from Antonio Gades to Enrique el Cojo, from Manuela Vargas to Daddy Yankee, The Prodigy or Lady Chann».

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