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    21st century radio 3

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    Doppler effect radio 3

    Rusty Young, founder and leader of Poco, the maximum exponent of the birth and explosion of try-rock, passed away last Wednesday, April 14. Born from the split of Buffalo Springfield, when Ritchie Furay and Jim Messina joined Rusty Young and George Grantham, the band never achieved the massive success of the Eagles, but they did achieve a certain popularity with the album «Legend» and with the songs «Heart Of The Night» and, above all, «Crazy Love», which Young himself composed and sang. Rusty Young was a specialist of the dobro, mandolin, banjo and, mainly, he will go down in history as one of the best guitarists of the «pedal steel».

    Nanana radio 3

    Until January 1988 he worked in the musicals department of Radio Minuto and in the Musical section of El País. He also collaborated in other specialized magazines, such as Rock Espezial or Internacional. He participated in La Historia del Rock published by El País Semanal and in El Anuario de El País. He also produced Gomaespuma’s album, «Qué Felicidad», released in Christmas 1987.

    From October 1990 to March 1992 he finally managed to direct, write and present his own television program: «Top Madrid» in Telemadrid, which he alternated with a program of the same name in Onda Madrid.

    In June 1992 Alcanda took charge of the musicals department of the radio station of the Community of Madrid, Onda Madrid, and turned his program into Top Madrid magazine, with interviews as diverse as Cesar Rincón, Virtudes, Margarita Landi, Joaquín Prats, Alejandro Sanz, Josechu Biriukov or Inés Sastre.

    In the summer of 1993 he resumed his collaboration with El País to publish interviews and commentaries both in the newspaper and in the El País supplements Tentaciones, Babelia and El País Madrid. In February 1994 he began writing the book «Cine entre rejas: Reflejo de la vida en la cárcel en películas occidentales».

    Radio 3 live

    To many people it seems that it is already something premeditated since Santiago Alcanda began in Radio 3, that does not swallow it, about tastes there is nothing written, but what I do not just understand, is that in this post it is said, I do not know if he is in Radio 3, by plug of when he was director of the station Javier Diez, What can not be admitted is to doubt that he has no experience (not explicitly, but it is implied), he is not a newcomer as could be Arturo Paniagua, who by age has not had a very long career I think, although when all broadcasters start, they start from nothing, except in the case of Como lo Oyes.

    What this station does not deserve is so many programs that have lasted so little and I wonder why, from Notas Confusas, Tintura, Cuando los perros cruzan el cielo, Estados Carenciales, a program that I did not understand.

    Even Charlie once confessed on the air that with what he earned at the station, he did not give for much, although of course not everything is the damn money, but to feel respected for what one does and to be understood in this case by the listeners.

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