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    The less i know the better tame impala

    la guerra papu dj lyrics

    Now that your creative period is over, how worried are you that the songs will change during promotion? I try to stay positive and not doubt, because it’s been four months since I finished the album. It’s good, because when I do the promo, talking and thinking about the songs helps me appreciate them in a different way, but it’s hard not to question myself.

    Lady Gaga was the first artist you co-wrote a song with, did this experience inspire you to work with other people or do you prefer to do it alone? Both. It made me realize that I like working with someone else, but also appreciate the work I do alone. I also understood that they are two different things; it’s not that one is better than the other. I would love to do it again.

    Who would you like to do it with? I prefer collaborations to happen on their own, naturally. I couldn’t say who because I wouldn’t want to ruin my chances, but someone who really knows what they want. Maybe do it with more pop or dance singers, but I’m not sure.


    I have to tell you that your two albums are extraordinary. I have the feeling that in the future they will be remembered as part of a whole, as if the third one will breathe in a different way. I’ll ask you about that third album later, but regarding «Innerspeaker» and «Lonerism», did they follow similar or very different processes?

    Totally spontaneous. One day I discovered some analog synthesizers by chance, and I immediately fell in love with the sound coming out of them. It seemed like a wonderful counterpoint to the more organic and natural sound of Tame Impala’s guitars. They are sounds that come from different places but I felt I could get them to help each other to create emotions.

    Did you ever worry about the huge hype that built up around Tame Impala? I have to confess that I found it hard to get hooked on your band because of the overwhelming media hype that built up around them. I felt a certain rejection, and it took me a while to realize that it was stupid not to recognize that you are a spectacular band.

    the less i know the better lyrics

    Post was to pop what e-mail was to mail. Pop before Post looked like a paper letter.  It had to be stamped and handwritten or typed to make sure it got there. And after Post we all assumed that it was enough to press a key for a message to travel thousands of miles in a second. Ok. Obviously, I’m exaggerating but sometimes hyperbole serves to explain reality more accurately than a photograph of it.

    In a sense, Post was a watershed in Bjork’s career. Her achievements were so great and unrepeatable that the Icelandic artist turned with all her strength towards new directions in order not to repeat herself. Aware that it was difficult, very difficult, to reverberate what she had achieved there. That she could not go much further.

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